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tv   Journal  PBS  May 2, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the reason why the bbc studios here in berlin and ryan. thanks for joining us coming up. sports are coming in right now of gas in the southern korea new port city of all gassed up and ukrainian military moves on pro russian defence forces in the us. i'm going to go and drop the bomb and asked him a reason why does sanctions on russia to try to be trained to lead. then it tells of support is growing for a presidential candidate to its
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label. these are troubling he looked ahead to next weeks. fighting in the south of ukraine in the key port city of odessa which has avoided any violence up until now. the reports of as many as thirty people dead in a fire in the port area dozens of injuries there as well the situation remains volatile and ideas today for the first time ukrainian ministry forces moved against pro russia militias in the east is his heels of yet two minutes the helicopter went down to as there were a number of casualties. we will be going online. the reason for not to tell as kiev moves to restore its control in the contested areas. there are questions about by elections later this month and of international diplomacy can pull this country back from them in a
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village near donetsk residents blocked the path of ukrainian army tanks. he demanded the soldiers turned back can go home. he has launched a major operation to re gain control that separate is held areas. but so far the effort as bogged down in resistance and disarray since libby and the separatist militia prepared for an assault by the army. it's unclear how much of the city government troops have captured separatists say so far the army has only managed to take a few streets on the city's outskirts. a self proclaimed mayor of the pianist told residents that the city was under attack. he called on women children and the elderly to stay at home. and for man to take up arms to protect the city. so she did very well in case they break through our results on the outskirts of this disease was trying to build a line of barricades on several
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parallel streets around the center was rekindled the attack resulted from that when you step up and wanted something simple decision is pending and fifty seven the aggressors will get through it. the rebels have been setting barricades on fire the smoke is meant to reduce visibility. army helicopters two of which have been shot down. loyal. moscow has accused ukraine of breaking a diplomatic agreement to ease the crisis former criminals men dimitri prescott told russian state tv that the actions of the kiev government canceled out the geneva agreements and that russia did not expect even partial implementation of the event the conflict is spreading from the east into southern ukraine. as well as the wii on skin donetsk there were violent clashes in odessa. the city is mainly russian speaking. it's been relatively peaceful until now at least three people were
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killed there as pro kiev and progress and demonstrators clashed during a march in support of ukrainian unity several other people were injured. still i've got to our reporter katie logan she's on the ground for us in eastern ukraine and netscape first up. what's the situation on the roads into the sold out right now our ukrainian troops prepare to move into that city. but the risks that there could be a high level of civilian casualties. i think is going to be very difficult fold of the commandments of ants it's pretty much sealed off but that all ukrainian manage the checkpoint this was as separatists checkpoints the ukraine domenici has caught the beans on one of the population to the barricades in the reds had to sit in front of the aisle but as the pegasus will be going in other posts if they carry into the town they would have an adjustable problem in the way to anybody she would think they will be twenty in the oven as it did to get the separatists are entrenched in the town hall with and lived in the elf ray
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hadley homes. any qantas flights and a wooden bowl that sheds the disabled who sells but cool scent of old cynical fit properly since the fall of the ukrainian that she has been quite reluctant to imply active and people people in the diaper area so i think the amendment would appeal the qantas the nelson ally of the question is what will be credited to do next that in many on the outskirts the city. this is the child sydney but will come everyday we don't know that gets us follow up on that question you are you hearing anything about the training strategy right now our ukrainian military forces prepared for a long fight to re gain control. i was afraid i get comments if this seemed to find its two bucks and if coles see many casualties than the russians could cause argue that this is that telling tinted being that this is also critical periods the friendly rationing but he is the clay into a referendum on they eleven facts amount of days away now. this also the national presidential election on the twenty fifth of may. this is a crucial tie
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in to the ukrainian of thirty six yet to re a setback on the beach and if they fail to do said by this pace than they really do have a problem on their hands. she loved him for us and he's ukraine thanks very much. well as those events unfolded jealous cause langdon applegate come back into their schools for more sanctions during talks in washington that brought the bomb them eccles line on ukraine is being closely watched in the us the former presidential candidate john mccain accusing berlin of being governed by an industrial complex. it's desperate to avoid sanctions the gym and johnson is meeting with the us president was shattered by the crisis in ukraine. i know that mcewan barack obama called on russia to stop encouraging separatists in the form with a few republic or else face a more punitive sanctions. if in fact we see the disruptions and the stables eyes the stabilization continuing so severely that. it impedes
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elections on may twenty fifth we will not have any choice but to move forward with additional more severe sanctions. the two d does stress plays relationship between the us and gemini the tobacco did raise concerns about us spying activities and gemini months of this damage bilateral relations considerably. she did admit that the work of the us secret services was necessary in the fight against terrorism. then look at those miles on thursday but there are differences of the in between on one hand having strong security operations to ensure the safety of the defence department of the items on the other hand protecting preston freedoms and rights and i think that this initiative is based at its next president of the medicines but that isn't a mention of an agreement to us evidence on german soil something that many germans are the mom thing. well our
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washington correspondent michael fun was watching a bad press conference he joins the staff was that the white has said. max. how much all they are on the same page on this question of sanctions and we had added joe mckay has been extremely critical of them. right the the president obama and tested her very much the same page. actually that was probably the main goal that press conference the two places behind me. in the rose garden of the white house due to the unity unity displayed at the together and this and so both were in favor of going further with sanctions if there was no solution to this conflict although it was unclear when exactly they were ready to trigger those sanctions in the past it was on the american side at least if the russians to cross the borders with the troops in eastern ukraine they didn't say that today. i don't know if that means it's a game changer or not but the chancellor especially stressed a lot but those are the things that are sections that are very important for example supporting the free
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elections that are planned in ukraine that was very important to her so all of that was the side but behind closed doors. it's still the same scenario that europeans have much more to lose in this day and the americans because their economic ties to russia that are much stronger. i spoke i know watching their source in washington thank you very much. russia is already displaying plenty of economic muscle threatening to cut off gas supplies for ukraine a move that would cripple the industry and the fallout for europe to be serious well today ukraine and russia have been holding talks on the massive bill that kiev is struggling to pay russian energy minister of the sunday mail back with cooking health after friday's meeting with his ukrainian counterpart. is there to find that the two countries are close to result in even unto death row. russia has escalated the dispute. it said state controlled gazprom will stop supplying gas to
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ukraine in kiev dozens pre k kids they are free too the invoice is no paid by the thirty first of may castro may restrict the supply of gas to ukraine for a guaranteed to supply me the amount that is paid by the end of may russia says ukraine owes a two point five billion euros on god ukraine's government says it's ready to pay the bill but other lower price than the one moscow was demanding the prices russia acquainted you strength against the twenty fourteen would discriminate tree. the price is almost five hundred us dollars to one thousand cubic meat was all ready to type about. russia and ukraine can't agree. deliveries to europe could also be affected the eu has been trying to resolve the dispute the form of the policies of sharon
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goodwill today. they have indicated that they want to heat up the gas sector to turn it into a tool to politics. that is up to find solutions was obvious. i picked up. still in negotiations and get over the eu holes in the meeting on energy between russia and ukraine in the coming weeks ok for some background hill scribbled on trial he's an economist at the institute for east european studies at the nq the free university of berlin. good to have you with us mr fennell first of all let's take a step back and look at russia right now and it's the big chip in this game. economically the gas that is its gas supplies for germany for eastern europe what it be that easy for russia to simply turn off the gas to europe. when we would not be easy though it would be rather difficult russia is hard currency reserves. in less than five hundred million but has that collectively the corporate
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sector the banking sector and the state sector when in excess of seven hundred billion so long that bases its intended. well in excess of two hundred million so it cannot afford it beyond russia can pretend that you can afford it. and god intended doing that. waiting to see how frightened the worst react. ok what about the possibility that russia will be selling its gas to china there's a lot of discussions of right now going on between beijing and moscow is a possibility that's a possibility but quantitative limits of negligible. it's the quantities i get too small to expand the quantities we would have to build a lot more pipelines and the soviet states not really in a bargaining chip at this point of time. ok so mostly russian gas will keep on flowing for the time being listed as of the setback delicate ukraine we're seeing a military action right now on the east of the country that smell that is its most economically important region is ukraine viable without the east of the country
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western ukraine is viable without the use of the of the country. on the east of the country's also viable bought the food really good so annexed by the russians as the crimea has been. then russia will have to make sure that used in ukraine gets russian wage levels which are way above ukrainian which was still in use in ukraine would not be viable anymore. ok was when hearing a medley of all the questions would like to ask you wearing right now in washington that is a possibility of sector sanctions. just a mac on brock obama talking about that. are the possible could we see real sanctions economic sanctions from the west against rush o war with the eu all those up. of where we could easily see that the question is how does russia react to what's happening so far. on the wiz has a lot of time actually they're turning on this cruise slowly and see how
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the russian economy react so far received and russian zone rating the recession and that can easily be made worse. so on. depending on the outcome of sanctions so far which were not so harsh really just a few few few result and in some frozen accounts. but the deal is already enough to have a strong effect. and the sectoral sanctions has to be have to be made more specific it's quite clear yet what this means in practice and i think of. especially the us have something in store you're okay with living parable from travel economists of the institute for east european studies timberland. thank you so very very much. thank you right just a fool would he take a break in a state of today's economy latest developments in ukraine has been fighting in the south of the country in eighteen ct says he would answer which has until now avoid it being sucked into the finals on the reports of as many as thirty eight
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people dead in the fun and of course intensity and dozens of injuries to this situation many cyclists. the back with more right after the break and stay with us. unimpeded access to education and knowledge. the same opportunities for everyone the central goal of the global community. what's the reality on the ground education for all. w's multimedia special treatments personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world. find out more on the internet. dw don t you education for all. do
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in fact it is seen another spate of violence in fiji with six people killed in bombings across the country the attacks from the capital cairo to the sinai peninsula changes the day before the start of campaigning for this month's dozen selections one suicide bombers set off explosives and if both ruled by in the area was of the morning and find a van to her all the fun i can. one passenger was killed and three others or windex. i had the same time another bomber to use them all. and army checkpoints and two are killing at least one soldier
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kyra was also his sandinista swathe of land. this may sit near a police checkpoint. one of them was killed and seven points and injures. it was around a bit about the worst with the stripe in my comp this morning. exploration we found three injured people on the streets. and one of them have a serious injury to his neck. oh and get them the fund has a dutch foreign minister nabil in five minutes with the un general secretary ban ki man. but he does discuss the recently departed to go climb and found to the death sentences hundred and two hundred members of the muslim brotherhood. i spent on international condemnation i think it's been a sharp increase in financing industry as did president muhammad was the last year the muslim brotherhood party has denied organizing attacks but some egyptians like the true sense is that the members of
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the brotherhood are responsible for finance to afghanistan now where hundreds of people are feared dead after a landslide swept through the northeastern don't have the brain coolest kills ninety collapse onto the village of mobile learning. officials say that hundreds of times when i meet rescuers are searching for survivors in the local government has appealed for assistance. the nice nations has the rights to the area on c's of all the machinery needed for a rescue operation is devoted to the business news now and one hundred and six billion dollars sounds like a lot of money but it seems is not enough. so much the u s drugmaker pfizer has offered to buy its british rival astra the senate after sleeping an earlier offer astrazeneca says that price on your values. this center will set fees increased and that the takeover could lead to job cuts a key research facilities. market watchers are wondering if pfizer will
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make a post on that you know from a business size masses one of prizes blockbuster product is the male potency drugs viagra. but to stay on top companies need huge financial resources to winter events like drunk patrons expiring. all authorities refusing to license drugs that cost billions in research and development costs in the industry are enormous. with its bid to buy astrazeneca find someone to keep growing. astrazeneca has rejected three office and pop singer day undervalued the company. there's a lot at stake. today no boxes of switzerland is the world's biggest pharmaceutical company funded by us rival pfizer not. astrazeneca is commenting on the seventh tie up between cries and astrazeneca would create the new number one the pharmaceuticals industry is experiencing a wave of takeovers and corporate deals his latest mega imagine if
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successful would be the biggest yet but so far but still remains elusive. us businesses are hiring that according to the latest official figures the numbers for april showed the us economy adding two hundred b c eight thousand jobs as many moles in expenses the unemployment rate also fell to its lowest level in the last four years. they succumb to such a disappointing growth figures for the first quarter suggesting that they may have he is ably. well as job's numbers and the prospect of all the takeovers in the pharmacy schools said sale will be stories on the markets today. steph humbled to be a true friend at the moment by it seems to be in the far better positioned than highs and the book was an based company is interested in buying business parts from the u s pharmaceutical company merck and on the one hand there is no compact a dinky air and on
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the other hand. of course merlot is interested in selling these units. but in the adult ed by ash hansen went down slightly this friday trading one reason for that. if the market in general which went down. can you tell that to which it deemed better than expected but the best this nokia that the era of easy money in the end of the year than expected. the most and friends to listen to the market numbers to twenty so for use tossing a way that the gemini moon is the dax to back off the sentiment a pleasant one thousand five hundred fifty sixth this on tuesday losing teeth that's been sentenced to thirty one cents in the closing number that in us trading still underway the doubt be done about fifty one cents and you are having slightly upwards of thirty nine. the south africans will place in national elections next week twenty is off the end of the contest and all the polls are suggesting that the country's governing african national congress
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party will indeed get the majority of votes and that the president jacob zuma will remain in power will the anc has dominated politics in south africa the last two decades of discontent. he's growing up in the eyes of the working age population is unemployed an eruption is this to tell a splinter political group that promises wealth redistribution and has a highly controversial leader has been gaining popular the south africans in a behind by that country's economic upswing regard him as they hear a genius when a man is believed that economic freedom flight is obscene and then on to michael that president jacob soon. i know how to protect the port of aden of the profile and. what meaning it. the institution
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atkinson. i have to let that get. the as. issue. lane is riding high on the forty three year old has been politically active since his youth. nobody admits the challenges facing his supporters will be going to beaches to the school rules my name is seems willing to throw the power to rise south african society the it wanted. it's bad. you'll see we owe it to. the run. it was on tv. on saturday as
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the eye. some radical ideas resonate with south africa's pull millions of being left empty handed by south africa's economic coup making him a force to be reckoned with. at least a phone she has a south african journalist and writer sees these timberland joins us now in the studio welcome. south african family are saying that the anc's out of touch with its supporters that the political base in the country but it is still in fact the country's most powerful party. it is and it is expected to raise the elections that will get to this than in previous works pitiful fifty five to sixty percent easily and is a new opposition party that still enough to touch them at this stage. and then as we scored our apartment is still some of the tool can last about a race and ethnic nineteen c to twenty years up to the end of the pasty is that the sign and it hasn't gone nearly as far as one might have hoped in the space
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heaters. i think it's in truth i admit it and it has been a bit hasn't done is fussy when compared to enter its increased litigation ethnicity race and dallas and because of being dealt with very effective the people still use it to trade insults and nothing to be complex and lots that the name of the zip a dee would say in about two of these is due to the things like is in a tribal chief states it will be an issue that has no interest in them properly. it's just how deep are the three divisions in south africa right now because always be a very sad if it became divided society even with the community he changed it has to offer conversely what is that it's as if it hasn't gone away in the last two digits. and yes when you see the anc is still expected to win it is still expensive dessert will remain in or out. i mean it hmm what kind of fit and you think is going to take a new direction is he's going to
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take any lessons from any loss in support of the debts the kids came to take a minute since i think that the commitment is that he doesn't get the teeth its majority and even change the constitution. because space freedom is being affected in some paprika and connected education is still not we should be said that this appeared to benefit the people that she should just get his teeth it would reap go to bed and into the skin to taking lessons from anyone. what can you tell us about julius malema he made international headlines conversely for his kill the white farmer song what he calls. what is that the judicial divisive figure he's got to hate speech andrew conviction against him for that to kill the farmer to avoid he's been called the face of the new fascism him as south africa and he was it busy was sad that i don't even asked connections to the dairy case and he has not turned on the spot that most staff. in
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this piece is the text of this election campaign has come from an inner peace is sick last week that you should be arrested and charged and tried to jail for stealing funds on lisa pond itself as a journalist based in berlin. thanks for joining us. boat just before we get a sum includes news on conservation of polls says it has managed to prevent and you wind up as tight as to what elephants have been close to the pontiac wildlife crime fighting teams in the two lane country have put a stop to the illegal killing of animals to anti poaching patrols on elephants birds so is time for right now thanks much for joining us here to jer seventeen. i have
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he is. i know. he said sixteen and canapes. right after i was told. that call watching. you can. they are mike. every year. ch. ii. i
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